November 16th Training

In today’s class we practiced san nin dori using a drill where each attacker comes in succession right after the other but never at exactly the same time. In general I feel that really good free style waza can’t be taught. Rather it must be learned and developed by a student in the proper envrionment. This kind of structured practice allows even beginner students to understand how to move during san nin dori.

Kids Aikido

The quality of technique and ukemi has recently drastically improved in our kids class. Some of this is due to the absence of disruptive students but in general all of our students have really been focusing on proving by themselves. This is extremely rewarding as a teacher and we’re looking forward to watching our students grow and improve.

8/18の稽古 August 18th training


It’s been really hot recently in so we were really happy to have a nice cool day today. Training with all the windows open and the cool breeze blowing feels great.


In today’s class we focused on sotai dosa (basic movements with a partner) and then moved onto Ryote Mochi Tenchinage. The cool temperatures allowed everyone to really focus on their technique and get a lot of repetitions in.