Friday June 9th training

On Friday night we practiced hijiate kyokyunage (hitting elbow throw). Although the techniqu names translate to “hitting elbow throw”, that name is misleading. In this technique, we turn uke’s (the person receivig the techmique) arm into a lever using his elbow as the fulcrum point. While shite (the person doing the technique) moves forward lowering his hips as he rotates his inside arm which is positioned at the fulcrum point. At the same time he keeps his outside arm fixed. The movement creates a lot of pressure on uke’s elbow but because his hand is fixed in position by shite’s outter arm uke has no choice but to fall to avoid injury to his elbow.

This technique is not only technically challenging but requires that we keep many different parts of our body moving in sync. It’s great for mental focus and learning to control our bodies.