Kyoto Aikido Mugenjuku 10 year anniversary

On this last Thursday, 3/21 we  celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my teacher and good friend’s dojo, Kyoto Aikido Mugenjuku. It was an amazing experience to travel back to Kyoto and see all of my Aikido friends from all over the world. It was also a particularly proud moment for me as one of the first instructors at the Kyoto dojo. I remember the days at the dojo when there were just two or three people per class. The number of members has now grown to over 200 in Kyoto and in addition there is my dojo in Tokyo as well as other Mugenjuku Dojos through-out western Japan, the United States and Canada.

Thanks to everyone who, one made it happen and two attending. It was truly a special day that I’ll never forget.

Here’s some videos of our dojo demonstrations