Who we are・販売業者の正式名称NPO Aikido Mugenjuku Tokyo・NPO特定非営利活動法人合気道無限塾東京
Where we are located・所在地ZIP 142-0054 Shinagawa Nishinaganobu 1-3-15 Osawa Building 2F, Aikido Mugenjuku Tokyo
〒142-0054 東京都品川区西中延1丁目3−15 オーサワビル 2F
You can contact us by phone at・電話番号+81-70-4122-9591
Or by email at・メールアドレスinfo@aikidomugenjuku.tokyo
This person is in charge・運営統括責任者Chris Crampton
Charges for stuff outside of normal practice・商品代金以外の必要料金If you wish to participate in events such as training camps or seminars, there may be fees in addition to the standard practice fees.
Refunds / Exchanges・返品・交換の方法There are no refunds given for lesson fees paid.
If you miss a lesson in a given month, you may make it up in the following month.
To cancel automatic payments, please contact us at info@aikidomugenjuku.tokyo with an email titled: “Cancel Automatic Payment Request”
自動支払いに関して、キャンセルが希望でしたら、info@aikidomugenjuku.tokyoまでにメールを送ってください。件名:Cancel Automatic Payment Request
Requests will be processed within 2 business days. There are no partial refunds if your request is processed in the middle of the month.
How can you pay us?・支払い方法We only accept Credit card payments.
How often do you have to pay?・引渡し時期Class fees are required to be paid monthly. You must pay by the end of the current month for the next month’s lessons
What’s the average cost of training fees?・販売価格For students in the general class, the average cost per month is 8,500 JPY.
一般稽古の稽古費 8,500 JPY.
For students in the beginner class, the average cost per month is 6,000 JPY.
ビギナーコースの稽古費 6,000 JPY.
For children the average cost per month is 5,000 JPY.
キッズクラスの稽古費 5,000 JPY.